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What does the social media manager do?

Creating a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn page is easy,
but leveraging it to bring visibility to your brand how much so?
Sina Tech Agency’s Social Media Managers
manage your company’s social pages to make them assets.


We use the right words to convey certain feelings to the people who read your posts and follow your social.

Publishing Plan

We deliver you a monthly editorial plan of posts for the entire month, so you’re well in advance of upcoming events and new goals.


We study and create a strategy to grow your social pages, increasing engagement and followers.

How Much Does The
Social Media Manager Cost?

Every client needs a dedicated strategy to grow their social presence.
Depending on the social network, the number of posts, stories and other factors, the price of the Social Media Manager may vary starting from a minimum of 400 € / month.

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We specialize in 360° in the digital world, offering all the services needed to create and consolidate your online presence.

We study, create and manage your marketing campaigns to achieve your goals together.

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