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The Process

In the creation of a professional website we adopt a process divided into phases, thanks to which we manage to deliver a finished product that meets the expectations of the customer.

In addition, all websites created by Sina Tech Agency are developed in a mobile-friendly and SEO, which are now fundamental points in the creation of a website.


An appointment is scheduled to discuss several key points in creating a website: the idea, what it is for, who to target, what you want to communicate.


Having received the necessary information for the creation of the website, we define the pages to be created and the way in which the information will be represented.


In this phase the written content to be included within the various sections of the website will be defined.


Realization of the design and presentation of the draft, as well as the graphic definition of the various elements that make up the website.


Website programming and development as per client's directives on draft view.


Website release in test environment for viewing the finished project and any changes.


Final online launch of the website.


Training via video guides for staff maintaining the website content.

What We Can Do

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How Much
Does A Website Cost?

How Much
Does A Website Cost?

The cost of developing a business website varies greatly from case to case. In general, the following are the key points to consider:

  • Type of website (is it only a facade site, does it have to integrate a function to collect orders, is it a site with which appointments can be made, etc.).
  • The website is developed on CMSor through native code?
  • Number of pages and sections
  • WebsitePerformance

That said, our sites start at a minimum of €500 and the price varies depending on the needs and complexity of the project.

In case, however, the interest is in creating an online store, then an e-commerce website, prices change.
For further information we refer you to the appropriate section.

What We Can Offer You

Content Management

CMS Websites

We build websites relying on the CMS most used by sites on the web. We build WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento and other CMS websites if required.

For those who want to sell online

E-Commerce Websites

A growing trend designed for those who have a store.

We build websites for online sales of any product.

Click here and go to the e-commerce section for more info.


Mobile Friendly

Nowadays it is a must that a website can be viewed correctly on multiple types of devices. All of our websites are made mobile friendly.

For craftsmen and small businesses

Showcase and One Page Sites

We develop professional websites to give artisans and small businesses a digital presence. From the photographer to the plumber, we give a personality to every site we develop.

Individuals and Businesses

Blog and Magazine Websites

Are you an individual or business in need of a professional blog?

We develop websites for blogs, newspapers and magazines.


Custom Websites

Solution for medium-large companies that need an ad-hoc product.
Websites are built using various programming frameworks as needed.