Web Marketing

Doing SEO falls under the techniques to be adopted in Digital Marketing.

Having a website created for the benefit of users, and optimized to enhance their experience, is very important.

SEO and SEM are often found in the same group. This is because doing SEM helps generate paid traffic from search engines, so as to attract potential customers who are already interested in a type of product or service.

Among the most widely used channels for launching marketing campaigns are undoubtedly Social Media. Facebook and Instagram Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok are among the most used platforms for this kind of advertising.

An underestimated form of advertising, but with a very high potential. Email marketing helps to find and retain customers, thanks to the sense of exclusivity and immediacy that it generates.

Affiliate marketing is a safer form of advertising for businesses, where you agree on a commission to be paid for selling products/services or acquiring leads.

Influencer Marketing makes use of those people who have a significant following on social, so you can have them promote your company's products and services.

A form of indirect advertising is to have an updated and interesting blog, to create interest in a potential customer and increase the popularity of the company/brand.

We focus on your goals and help you achieve them!
Web Marketing today represents all the tools you need to connect customers to your business, not only to create profit but also value around your company, products or services.

SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging are all forms of direct and indirect advertising that we use at Sina Tech Agency to meet your needs.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM mainly means using Google and other search engines to advertise your company’s products and services.

The ads you see every time you do a search are paid ads that fall under SEM.
With this type of marketing you are able to reach people who are truly interested in what you are offering.

SEO if used well, despite not being a form of direct advertising, is also a marketing tool that helps you appear among the top Google search results.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, as the name implies, is a type of affiliate marketing.

It is widely used by companies that sell physical goods or digital services (ebooks, courses, etc.).
After a case study, an agreement can be found with the interested company where the sales process is left completely in the hands of the agency (costs included), which is paid as a percentage of the sales obtained.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of advertising aimed at building customer loyalty, so it is not usable in the short term.

To do email marketing you need to properly study the situation of the company, the competitors, the resources available and set up a winning strategy in the long term.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing had great success in recent years and is among the most widely used forms of marketing.

It is based on ad campaigns launched in social media as posts and videos.

Major platforms include Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and fast-growing TikTok.

Obviously each social has its pros and cons, so having a studied marketing plan makes all the difference.

Influencer Marketing

By now, more and more people are calling themselves Influencers and more and more companies are giving away free products, or spending money, to “advertise” themselves through Influencer marketing.

Nowadays it’s not enough to have a lot of likes to be an Influencer, but there are many other metrics to keep in mind.
If you want to rely on an influencer, stop by first so we can lay out a marketing plan and reach the real people who can bring you revenue.


Although it may not seem like a form of advertising, it is an incredible tool to increase in popularity and get your website indexed among the top search results.

Having a blog website helps a lot in creating a community and generating interest in potential customers.

How Much Does It Cost
To Do Marketing?

As it turns out, marketing means everything and nothing.
Once a winning strategy has been devised, you will be able to decide what forms of marketing to adopt to achieve your goals.
Based on this, the price of the service can also be defined.

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