B2C E-Commerce

E-Commerce Website

Hopy-Shop is a new online clothing store with the idea of becoming a market-place.
We were contacted by the owners and they wanted us to create a website developed through WordPress/WooCommerce that was user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, focused on conversion and conveyed their message of convenience and quality.

Products Photos

The project required quality photos in order to be on par with the competition, and they leaned on us for product photography.
Quality photos communicate efficiently and represent the seriousness of the project.

Marketing Campaigns Management

Hopy-Shop is an e-commerce born from scratch and, like many brands not yet established, needs to reach potential customers through marketing campaigns.
We at Sina Tech Agency mainly manage their Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns, with very satisfactory results.

Promotional Videos

During the launch of the brand, several promotional videos were created for inclusion on various social pages and for use in marketing campaigns.

Social Media Manager

An e-commerce store, in order to grow even organically, needs to be present and active in the various social channels. With this in mind, we managed Hopy-Shop’s social pages during the first year of launch with engaging and regular posts.